Giving Back for the Greater Good

At ADVANCED, our work goes far beyond the reaches of what we offer

as a business. We firmly believe that we could not do what we do if not

for the local community’s continual support. Therefore, giving back to our

community is a top priority for us.

A Joyous Duty

Here at ADVANCED, we know that giving back to our community is more than a

duty and responsibility; it is a pleasure and one that we take quite seriously.

You see, without the loyal members of the community, we could not even exist

as a company. Communities will only grow and thrive when both individuals and

groups, more specifically businesses, civic clubs and organizations, cooperate to

create lasting improvements.

We embrace a synergistic relationship that can best function when community members and local businesses work for one another’s benefit. We are so thankful to the residents of Northeast Florida for their overwhelming support and commitment to our business. So, we strive to improve this great area in which we live and work.


Beyond the Workplace


In the work environment, we serve our patients with passion and integrity. We endeavor to give back with equal fervor, providing contributions that are valuable and useful to those who reside here in Hillsborough County.

Our goal in listing the organizations with which ADVANCED is involved is that community members just like you will take advantage of the wonderful services that these organizations provide. We need your help to spread the word. They rely on your support and involvement.

At ADVANCED, we truly believe that what we do impacts those around us. We can create a better world if we all work together to help one another.



Antonio Del Valle

Executive Director